Our office for accident compensation in the Netherlands (whiplash):


Julicher & Meijer Lawyers is based in Venray since 2001.




Mr. R.H.A. Julicher is the attorney for claims for damages and personal injuries caused by accident.



The accident could for instance be:

– Traffic accidents (car accidents, collisions with trucks and cyclists, but also accidents involving  pedestrians);
– work accidents (accidents in the construction sector).

Compensation for damages:

In Dutch law, the one who hurts someone else illegally, can be obligated to cover any damage caused by the injury. Compensation for damages is defined as the compensation of a material or immaterial damage caused by a liable person.

Material damage is a financial loss. Non-material damage is damage which can not be measured (directly) in a sum of money, but is for instance compensation for pain, grief and other immaterial injury.


The legal assistance from an attorney is usually free for those who suffered the damage when the other party admits liability, because the other party pays the fee of the lawyer.


Damage can arise from:

– Work injury;
– Traffic accident;
– Occupational disease;
– violent crime (abuse);
– Medical malpractice;
– Others.

The consequences may be:

Material damages or immaterial damages.

Material damages are for instance:

– income and capital damage;
– reduced pension;
– damage to clothing;
– travel costs;
– domestic help;
– nursing costs;
– Damage to material goods.

Immaterial damages are for instance:

– pain;
– grief;
to convert into money.


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